When a Polyethylene Spill Pallet Just Won’t Do

We are delighted to announce the launch of an array of new products, designed to meet the requirements of a range of working environments; from industrial and commercial to military, marine and educational.

Included in the new additions are our latest galvanised steel pallets. For drum and IBC storage applications where a polyethylene spill pallet might not be suitable, we now offer four sizes of spill pallet manufactured from 2mm structural grade galvanised steel which are fully compliant with all current UK regulations in relation to sump capacities (not less than 110% of the largest container’s storage capacity or 25% of their aggregate storage capacity, whichever is the greater).

These are fitted with galvanised legs to make positioning by pallet truck or fork lift easy and to ensure the underside of the sump doesn’t come into contact the ground.

   Polyethylene Spill Pallet

At Empteezy, we work hard to highlight and educate on the risks associated with the incorrect storage and/or poor management of liquids, which can have far reaching consequences for the environment, health, safety and a business’ bottom line.

Although the four sets of UK Oil Storage Regulations are among the most highly publicised regulations currently in force, it can be easy to forget that all liquids pose a potential threat to health, safety and the environment if not properly handled and stored.

As an ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 accredited manufacturer of spill containment and spill response products, we continue to innovate to help our clients to be compliant and responsible.

Commenting on these latest additions to the Empteezy portfolio, our UK Sales Manager Ben Seddon said: “Our aim is to always find the right products for the customer’s specific application and these new products provide us with the tools to ensure they get just what they need, the really exciting thing is that this is just the start of a whole raft of new product launches this year, all designed to help our customers and strengthen our standing in this marketplace”.

Why not contact us or view the above products to find out more.

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