‘Tis The season of New Empteezy Products

Our elves have been beavering away over the past few months to introduce a raft of new Empteezy products in collaboration with customer requirements.

This is in addition to several modifications made to our existing range, including grid improvements, additional functionality and ongoing improvements.

Explore our updates below.

New products

New Empteezy Products

Drum Spill Pallet With Extra Capacity – BP4XL

Manufactured from medium density polyethylene, this 440ltr sump capacity heavy duty drum spill pallet has broad range chemical compatibility, a removable plastic mesh deck for quick and easy access to the sump area and is fully compliant with all the current UK regulations relating to sump capacities. Read more.

New Empteezy Products

Rock Salt Bin With Lockable Lid – GRITBIN

This static grit/rock salt bin comes complete with a lockable hinged lid, has a wide opening to make dispensing easy and is fitted with fork pockets to aid movement from location to location. Being manufactured (Rotationally moulded) in medium density polyethylene means the container is durable and can be left outside in most weather conditions. Read more.

New Empteezy Products

Floor Tray – BF4X

A low profile 4-drum floor tray which is only 150mm high and has additional bracing built into the base to create a rigid platform for the rotationally moulded grid mesh deck. This floor tray will accommodate up to 4 x 205ltr drums and has a UDL (Uniform Distributed Load) of 2000kg. Read more.


This latest product arrives at a time when we have made a string of improvements to our best-selling range.

The BB1FW now features an integrated drip tray to catch drips from the IBC tap.  The unit has broad range chemical compatibility and as you would expect fully complies with all the UK Oil Storage Regulations.

The BB3 has been updated to include a built in 260mm deep decanting area which allows any leaks/drips to be contained within the sump and the support columns have been modified to include grid location points which allow for the use of a mesh grid. The mesh would be required if you want to store IBCs that are mounted onto a steel pallet base.

Additionally, we have seen modifcations to the BB1D. Instead of a removable deck this model has support columns moulded into the unit that the IBC sits directly on to, however if you use IBCs with metal pallet bases we recommend you use model BB1DG.

Our Drum and IBC Spill Pallet range now features new and improved grid structures, ensuring they are robust enough to withstand their maximum loads and accomodate both plastic and steel drums perfectly.

The investment into our product development is welcomed by Ben Seddon – UK Sales Manager, who commented, “At Empteezy, we are committed to the ongoing investment it takes to make our products the best they can be. Working with our client base, we continue to listen to feedback and create innovative new solutions to meet customer demand.”

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