Protect your workplace against aggressive & flammable substances

Protect your workspace from the hazards posed by spills of oil, fuels and other chemicals with our Steel Spill Flooring.

The SF20 is ideal in harsh environments or where you might be constantly moving drums on and off the units.

Manufactured from steel plate, the unit is fully seam welded and fitted with removable galvanized steel grid panels to allow for easy cleaning.

Create an unlimited workspace

Joining Strips are available for these bunded floor panels so that multiple grids can be combined to form a more custom unit. The connector covers the edges between the grids to ensure a robust and contiguous spill protection platform.





  • External size: L1050 x W1050 x H110mm
  • Sump Capacity: 110ltr
  • Tare Weight: 80kg





  • External size: L2300 x W1050 x H110mm
  • Sump Capacity: 230ltr
  • Tare Weight: 125kg





  • External size: L2800 x W1300 x H110mm
  • Sump Capacity: 360ltr
  • Tare Weight: 170kg





  • External size: L1000 x W500 x H110mm
  • Load Capacity: 500ltr
  • Tare Weight: 16kg