Empteezy Endeavour to Protect Remote Workers

With a variety of roles being carried out in the great outdoors involving fuels, lubricants, chemicals and agrochemicals by remote workers, we have expanded our range of portable eyewash solutions designed to protect those working without day-to-day facilities.

The need to have fast access to the right equipment to safeguard employees and the environment they are working in is as necessary in these “remote” working environments as it is in any purpose built facility. The challenge can sometimes be to get practical solutions that really work.

If you are working miles from the nearest plumbed in water supply how do you provide emergency response to someone who has been splashed with chemicals or has dust in their eyes?

The Stainless Steel Portable Eyewash Tank is designed for situations where it is not possible to connect to water mains, giving workers instant access to decontaminate their eyes or other parts of the body however remote their work may be.

Remote Workers

Remote Workers

Fully compliant with the DIN EN 15154 standard, the simple to use tank provides 15ltr of pressurised water with a flow of 6ltr per minute.

Of course, prevention is better than a cure. For workers in remote areas dealing with a variety of hazardous liquids, we offer a variety of portable bunds. These “fold-up” spill pallets can be used in almost any terrain (optional ground mats may be required) or environment and require no tools to erect or take them down, protecting both workers and the environment.

Remote Workers

Robust and easy to assemble or dismantle, the bunds are available in a range of standard sizes to suit most applications. Additionally, we offer a custom made service if you have a specific application – we even make them big enough to accommodate an articulated lorry.

If you are looking for a cost effective and compliant solutions to keeping your workers safe, browse the Empteezy range or contact us to find out more on 01506 430309. Additionally, why not visit our Guide to Decontamination?

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