Have you explored the latest addition to our range? This low profile 4 drum sump floor tray, the BF4X, stands at only 150mm high and has additional bracing built into the base to create a rigid platform for the rotationally moulded grid mesh deck to sit on.

Ideal for when space is at a premium, this model is manufactured from polyethylene ensuring broad range chemical compatibility. The product also features a removable plastic grid to provide easy access to the sump area for clean-up in the event of a leak or spill.

We have also introduced a heavy duty 440ltr capacity sump floor Drum Spill Pallet – the BP4XL ideal for the safe storage of larger volumes of waste liquid. Complete with removable plastic mesh deck, it allows easy and quick access to the sump area.

sump floor

These latest products arrive at a time when w e have made a string of improvements to our Drum and IBC Pallet collection.

The BB1FW now features an integrated tray to catch drips from the IBC tap which drain back into the main sump, has broad range chemical compatibility and as you would expect fully complies with all the UK Oil Storage Regulations.

The BB1D IBC Spill Pallet with Built-in Dispensing Area now comes with the option of a removable plastic grid mesh, making it suitable for use with IBCs with a metal pallet base.

The BB3 has been improved via the addition of a built-in 260mm deep decanting area which allows any leaks/drips to be contained within the sump.

sump floor
In addition to these modifications, our Drum and IBC Spill Pallet range now features new and improved grid decks, ensuring they are robust and can accommodate both plastic and steel drums. Find out more today online or contact your area sales manager.

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