How do you store your hazardous liquids?

If you or your customers work with hazardous liquids, you’ll understand the importance of proper management and storage. Chemicals can present a serious risk to you or your customers, employees and the working environment if mismanaged.


At Empteezy, we offer a range of Chemstor® Secure Stores including the CS4.

The CS4 is manufactured from mild steel, and the sump is fully seam welded. It’s fully compliant with all current UK regulations relating to sump capacities and the underside is fitted with plinths to eliminate contact with the ground to reduce the risk of corrosion.

A pressed steel welded-body construction provides the structural strength for this unit, while the roof is fitted with lifting eyes. The two easy glide sliding doors are constructed from mild steel and are fitted with a central lock and padlock points (padlocks not supplied).

This model can hold up to 80 x 25ltr cans plus small containers on the top shelf.


  • No. of Containers: 80 x 25ltr + 1ltr, 2.5ltr or 5ltr cans
  • External size: 3000mm L x 1500mm W x 2403mm H
  • Sump Capacity: 1125ltr
  • Tare Weight: 1048kg
  • Load Capacity per shelf: 400kg
  • Type of doors: 2 Sliding


  • No. of Containers: 48 x 25ltr cans
  • External size: 2500mm L x 800mm W x 2350mm H
  • Sump Capacity: 450ltr
  • Tare Weight: 600kg
  • Load Capacity per shelf: 400kg
  • Type of doors: 2 Sliding


  • No. of Containers: 20 x 25ltr cans
  • External size: 1500mm L x 750mm W x 1633mm H
  • Sump Capacity: 260ltr
  • Tare Weight: 240kg
  • Load Capacity per shelf: 250kg
  • Type of doors: 2 Hinged

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