FROM IDEA TO END RESULT: Introducing Our Design Team

“We’re looking for a unit that can do double the job but is half the size. Can you design that?”

This is one of the many requests in the life of the design team: Gordon Reid and his colleague Graham O’ Shea who, tasked with the difficult role of designing the huge collection of Empteezy products, take it in their stride.

“Of course the job isn’t easy,” smiles Gordon. “We are designing complex products that not only need function whilst looking good, but meet multiple forms of legislation. It’s not something we shy away from – we do enjoy the challenge.”

Gordon joined Empteezy as a young lad on the shop floor – his head full of ideas and ambition. At the time, the team were focused on the design and creation of fairly standard units, however as the demand increased for bespoke options, Gordon was drafted in to support the design department, managed then by Davie Watson and Kenny Wilson.

Starting on two days a week, Gordon was able to showcase his natural ability in technical drawing and with the offer of an extra £20 a week he helped ease the pressure of the department. That ambition (and pay increase) propelled him to complete a year’s night school training and various courses since. His ongoing commitment has seen him master various design programs throughout the years starting with DoS ASKETCH and culminating in the far more complicated CAD and SOLIDWORKS.

“Yes, drawing and design was something I was always good at but the most important element of the role is being able to look at a written specification and translate that into a useable product. In other words, visualise the finished product or assembly and break it down into smaller sub-assemblies.” explains Gordon.

Of course, the sub-assemblies of Empteezy products have always offered a challenge; from the “pivot” point on an Auto Tipping Skip to “airflow” through a Bunded Store and a lot in between. As Empteezy continue to develop the complexity of their products these challenges will only increase.

To cope with these complexities, Graham O’ Shea joined the team in 2019. Graham began his career at Store Design in Dalgety Bay, completing his 4 years training to become an Engineering Draughtsman eventually obtaining an ONC in Mechanical and Production Engineering.

Like Gordon, he discovered a passion for technical drawing and this talent has seen him working on several exciting projects including Liverpool FC Club Shop, Aviva Stadium, various hospitality lounges, oil rig accommodation modules and more. Together, the team will continue to design and develop cutting-edge products in conjunction with customer and industry demand.

Both men still get a buzz from seeing the finished product out on the shop floor – even more so when it is a new design. “We are in a transition period where there are new or updated models being introduced regularly,” says Gordon. “This is bringing new and exceptional challenges and we are excited to turn almost impossible ideas into a reality.”

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