Empteezy Support Leukaemia Care

During the month of September, blood cancer awareness month, Empteezy and Romold are supporting Leukaemia Care; a charity dedicated to supporting those living with the illness, educating the healthcare profession and campaigning for future potentially life-saving treatments.

In order to raise over £4,000, the teams are working together to take part in a skydive, run a bake sale, hold a pub quiz, raffles and more. There is also a “Give Blood” drive and various educational resources that workers can use to spot the signs of blood cancer.

We spoke to one member of staff, Mairi Beaver, whose family were directly affected by Leukaemia.

“In January of 2014, my Gran died. She had been battling Leukaemia for years in her own stoic way. The tricky thing with Leukaemia is its diagnosis. It can start with aching joints, weight loss, tiredness, easy bruising and many things that are simply associated with getting old. 

In truth, my Gran went through her final few years much as she always had, more down to her stubbornness than not feeling any effects of such a cruel disease. Leukaemia patients will die from complications of the illness as opposed to the illness itself, whether that be pneumonia, issues with blood not clotting, infections or the body simply giving up. In my Gran’s case, she had awful pains in and around her spleen which has expanded due to too many leukaemia cells gathering. She had managed to live with Leukaemia that far but it was a terrible disease that was stripping her of her independence and dignity. One morning she phoned, not wanting to bother us, but could we help her climb back up the stair as she was in too much pain to manage herself.

She went into hospital on the Saturday morning – a very non-Gran thing to do, she didn’t like a fuss. The Doctor overseeing her in A and E couldn’t work out an exact prognosis for her pain despite being made aware of her illness – perhaps she had a broken hip (?). He tried to send her home. She died on the Thursday, confused but not in the agony she had been in; by that point they had realised pain management was the best and only option. She was a wonderful wee woman who bravely managed her illness with as little trouble to others as possible.”



Leukaemia is cancer of the white blood cells. These cells are there to fight infections and diseases but when a patient has leukaemia, the bone marrow (the sponge-like material in our bones) makes many of our white blood cells abnormal. Unlike healthy white blood cells, they have no ability to protect the body from infection. In some cases, the cancer can then spread from the bone marrow to other parts of the body.

Unfortunately, Leukaemia is the most common type of cancer in children and teenagers. The good news, is that most are cured of the disease.

However, in the UK, blood cancer will affect 1 in 16 men and 1 in 22 women. Currently, 250,000 people live with it. Leukaemia Care not only support people with the illness, but conduct research, provide information, campaign for progressive and effective treatments and support the healthcare profession.

To help raise funds for Leukaemia Care, we are throwing some of our colleagues out of a plane 😉 In all seriousness, they are undertaking an incredibly brave adventure but we need your help to support them in raising over £3,500. Please give what you can to one, or all, of our volunteers.

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