Protect your employees from hazardous or corrosive chemicals with our Commercial Heat Trace Safety Shower. With the HTS-1 your employees can shower immediately following an incident in all weather conditions. The Empteezy HTS-1 is a traced heat decontamination shower that is protected against freezing by means of trace heat cabling and an insulated jacket which gives […]

At Empteezy, we know that one size doesn’t fit all and as a UK manufacturer accredited to ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001 we are in a unique position to offer you expert advice on bunded storage that others may think is a little out of the ordinary. Whether you are looking for a bespoke size, […]

A leak diverter captures leaks from a ceiling keeping water safely away from your employees, customers, flooring and machinery minimising disruption to operations until a permanent repair can be made. The kit design makes it easy to use in multiple settings, including offices, factories, industrial units and stores. How does it work? Hang the funnel tarp […]

As we ease out of lockdown (hooray), one thing has become clear, face masks are likely to be a mainstay in our lives for the foreseeable future to help keep infection rates on a downward path. Whether you’re venturing out to the shops, heading back to the office or dining at your local restaurant, making sure you […]

Why are safety showers essential to your workplace? A safety shower enables a casualty to get treatment after chemical or other hazardous exposure. It provides an on-the-spot decontamination unit so workers can safely flush away corrosive solutions or substances that may otherwise cause personal injury. Why choose the Empteezy SE-VTS-1 Emergency Tank Shower? The SE-VTS-1 Emergency […]

Did you know the incorrect storage or poor management of liquids can pose a potential threat to your business and the environment if it’s not properly handled or stored? At Empteezy, we offer a vast number of spill control and spill containment solutions, including the BB2FW – Double IBC Spill Pallet. The Empteezy BB2FW is […]

We are pleased to inform you we are still on hand to serve our customers during these challenging times. Whilst the situation is uncertain and continuously changing, we will strive to go above and beyond to ensure our levels of service are maintained. This is obviously subject to our transport services being able to continue to […]

As a company and as individuals, we believe that it is essential to give back to our local community. Over the years, we have supported Social Bite with their mission to end homelessness. Each year employees from the Empteezy group participate in Social Bite’s Sleep in the Park. Sleep in the Park is an event […]

Uncontrolled spills can have a devastating effect on the environment, people and premise. It is a good management practice and, in many countries, a legal requirement to prepare for spills. The best preparation is backed up by professional tools that can help prevent high costs in fines, damages and pollution clean-up. We specialise in supplying a […]