Empteezy Collapsible Bunds are unique bunds for storage of drums, IBCs, plant, machinery or even vehicles.     Our PVC Ezybund portable bunds are easy to store and transport, quick to assemble and are compatible with hydrocarbons and a wide range of chemicals (compatibility information available upon request). These portable bunds are the ideal solution […]

With face masks now being made mandatory for public transport and shopping, one thing’s become clear, we’re going to have to get used to wearing masks for the foreseeable future. As seen on STV, Empteezy now offers high-quality, non-medical face masks without the hefty price tag.      Schoeller Masks are made with 4 layers […]

During these unpredictable times, we cannot overlook our responsibility as an organisation to support our local charities who are helping those who have been affected further by the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic. Taking the critical steps to ensure the health and safety and well-being of Social Bite’s brave volunteers and employees, Empteezy is committed […]

As face masks become the new normal within specific industries, it makes it harder for facial expressions to be visual. With the new Empteezy transparent mouth guards, customers will be able to see the entire face without the risk of spreading germs. The transparent mouth guard eliminates barriers caused by traditional face masks, making it perfect […]

At Empteezy, we know proper liquid storage and handling are essential to preventing a potential safety incident making bunded storage units vital in the workplace. Manufactured from steel and engineered to the highest quality, Empteezy’s bunded storage unit range is designed for the storage of chemicals and oils or any liquid that requires bunded containment. […]

In light of the Prime Minister’s announcement on Monday evening (23rd March), we will now be operating a reduced service with limited staffing from Friday 27th March. We will still be on hand to answer any enquiries and process your orders however due to the limited operational capacity and staffing, there may be some delays […]

It is clear that we are in the middle of a very serious global health situation that is already beginning to impact business and the wider society. At Empteezy, we are pleased to say we are still on hand to serve our customers during these challenging times. Nevermore has it been more important to ensure we […]

We are extremely happy to announce we have made some changes to the BB1HCS, BP4HCS, and BB2HCS – Hard Covered Spill Pallets following the feedback we received from our customers. Here at Empteezy, we value our customer’s opinions and strive to provide the best products, and services possible to ensure customer satisfaction. What’s New? BB1HCS […]

When the liquids you are storing and using are sensitive and would be adversely affected by fluctuations in temperature it’s important that the location where they are stored is a controlled environment. This can be achieved with the use of insulated, and where appropriate, temperature-controlled fully bunded stores, which can also be supported by individual […]