A Solution for Every Spill – The Empteezy Absorbent Guide

Empteezy Absorbent Guide


We all know that the incorrect storage and/or poor management of liquids can have far reaching consequences for the environment, health & safety and a business’ bottom line. When a spill does occur, you need to be sure that you and your staff know how to respond quickly and appropriately. The Empteezy Absorbent Guide is the perfect place to start.

Not all spills are the same, which is why we offer 3 different types of absorbents to suit the wide range of applications found in businesses and the environment today.

Why not check out our handy free guide: A Solution for Every Spill, which will provide you with information on the 3 types of absorbents and their application?

Empteezy Absorbent Guide

Remember: being prepared will help achieve the best possible outcome.

Please contact us for more information or to arrange a site assessment. Additionally, please visit our absorbents collection for our full product range.


Additional Download: Choosing the Right Absorbent: A comprehensive guide with Compatibility Chart.

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