Meet the Team: Nick Freeman, Regional Sales Manager

This week, we introduce our Regional Sales Manager, Nick Freeman, who operates across the North of England, the Midlands and Wales. We asked Nick what it was that drew him to working with Empteezy and what, he believes, makes us stand out from our competitors.

Most of my career to date has had absolutely nothing to do with – or even been remotely related to – the industry Empteezy serves.  But having had years of experience in technical sales, account management and with an education in design & technical drawing and building & civil engineering, I have taken to it like a duck to water.

The company offer a first-class training programme and Empteezy have given me the tools to become an expert in each and every product we offer.
What makes Empteezy stand out is our “can do” attitude to each and every task undertaken, no matter how small. It ensures we go above and beyond for our valued customers and internally, means there is a brilliant team spirit. We don’t say we can’t do, we say let’s see how we can and that echoes right across the board – from management to the factory staff.
My overall responsibility is to deliver excellent customer service to clients across a broad range of sectors. I believe a core-skill in delivering the very best is to ensure we listen carefully. It may seem obvious, but is so often taken as read.  Don’t over-promise but manage expectations realistically, carefully and always deliver. Ensure you treat customers with respect, integrity and honesty as this fosters trust and can lead to a long term, valued relationship.
I tend to adopt a 3 line mantra:-
  • Know what you are doing
  • Be good at what you do
  • Be a good person to deal with
I believe if you adopt this approach you will deliver the very best in customer service.
Ultimately, Empteezy have presented an opportunity to actually love what I do. I am proud to work for a company who pride themselves in delivering the very best of service and look forward to many more years offering customers first-class assistance.
Why not get in touch with your local Empteezy Area Manager who can provide you with a huge resource of knowledge and advice? We will guide you through our comprehensive product range and be expertly placed to offer you with the best solution for your needs.
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